Unforgettable Cottage

This is one of my personal favorites!  The homeowners approach to gutting and remodeling a cottage drew upon multiple theories, styles, and ideas of which I enjoyed seeing come to life.

The dramatic deep palette of the kitchen let the lighting play a subtle yet important role.  We chose small aperture square recessed fixtures, that allowed precise projection of accent lighting on the art, as well as general downlighting.



The powder room below also benefits from square recessed directional fixtures.  The original exterior limestone wall has become a focal point full of texture and shadows accomplished by proper lighting design.



Enter the charming dining room, where the homeowner hand painted the whimsical mural.  Lighting for the mural is accomplished with wide beam, double recessed square fixtures.   Also notable is the delicate Niermann Weeks chandelier above the dining table, has small pin lights aligned in the ceiling to perfectly highlight its beauty.


Thanks for looking!  I absolutely loved this project.  The clients were living abroad during most of the remodel and our communications were via email and phone calls and an occasional meeting when possible, all worth it in the end.

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