Never blinded by our light

More on the title in a bit.

This architectural marvel was designed in complete harmony with nature.  The structure itself allows floor to ceiling views of the park to which it spies.  Our vision for lighting was to remain in harmony with the natural surroundings, and only to use beams of light as a tool to better appreciate the natural elements constructed.

Alta 4
Directional outdoor lighting

Directional outdoor lighting was selected to wash the walls of the stone.  Texture and natural shadows create a soft warm glow up the chimney and continue around the retaining wall.

Alta 5
Wall Wash and Shadow Casting


The tongue and groove ceiling is softly grazed with our outdoor fixtures.  The light not only defines the structure it adds an important visual to the horizontal grade of upper windows.

Alta 1
Outdoor Light Fixtures and Step Lights

This multi-use outdoor living space invites us to come inside while leaving behind the confines of walls.  When the door opens lights from the ceiling wash the stone fireplace.

Alta 3
Wall washed lighting on fireplace and step lights

We reviewed the indoor furniture plan and decided to come up with a way to provide light on a table for card games or late night dining.  Keeping in mind the open floor plan and staying true to our mission, by designing light with nature,  we put our heads and our technical knowledge together to provide the creative solution below.

Table placement beam spread

Directional fixtures placed on the backside of the beam allowed us to provide perfect illumination for card games, without obstructing the view and certainly without blinding the players!  The right fixture, lamp and lens is what it is all about.

Thanks for reading and we would love to hear from you!  Lighting design, fixtures and ceiling fan on this project provided by Alcott & Bentley


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