Wine a little, you’ll feel better

Excited……..  to say the least!  Just how we felt after we met our new next door neighbors in the Highlands.  Yes! A WINE bar and we are feeling better now!

photo (1)
Drum Shades float over the table

The idea behind our lighting concept for Louvino was to create an environment one could soak up the flavors of wine, relax and nibble on the fabulous small bites.  Feeling better just thinking about it.

photo (4)
Bar Pendant Lighting

Nostalgic bulbs are seen through the merlot tinted blown glass pendants above thea bar pendants.  Soft no glare, yet you can still see to read the menu.

The use of nostalgic bulbs created a feeling happiness, maybe something familiar and you just want to hang around a bit longer.   LED tape was added under the bar, not only to showcases the beautiful seating but to add light to a corner that is usually dark.

photo (2)
Market Lights

Finally, market lights were added to liven it up a bit.

Layers of Light – Louvino, Highlands

The perfect mix of lighting provides Louvino with the perfect atmosphere to get together and really enjoy an evening.

Chef’s Table Chandelier

The Private dining chefs table has its own personality with a fun and creative fixture.

louuvino sign
LED Tape

The custom lettering carved out of wood on the front of the building is illuminated with our Professional Outdoor LED tape.

It was absolutely a pleasure to work with Chad Coulter on his first Louvino in the Highlands.

Lighting Design, Lights and Ceiling Fans provided by Alcott & Bentley.