5 Chandeliers inspired by nature and 1 by wine bottles.

Memories and dreams of beautiful spaces, our collection by nature will take you away.

A vineyard tour!


sommelier chandelier louisville ky
Shop Sommelier at Alcott & Bentley

Each Sommelier Chandelier is one of a kind. Natural uneven textures on the hanging glass pieces are accentuated by the piece’s Dark Contemporary Golf Leaf finish.

Hiking – even the simplest of days can be breathtaking in nature.

This organic chandelier with natural wood branches cast the most beautiful shadows, all the while reminding you of the simple pleasures in life.

Shop the Finch Chandelier at Alcott & Bentley

Even the most refined outdoor space can bring a sense of peace, a place to calm our minds.

organic chandelier

The distinctive hand forged leaves of the Viola Chandelier blossom outwards, well suited for any lover of botanical gardens.


And below the Bette Chandelier, created by Bunny Williams to mimic the natural look of a bundle of leaves tied together with rope, will forever brings a delicate sense of nature to your home.

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Ahhh, the sounds of a rainforest……………
canopy Just like natural canopy of the Rainforest, this chandelier is as impressive and breathtaking at first sight.  The massive hand-forged iron branches reaching out 74″ wide.

Rainforest Chandelier

On a smaller scale the Treetop Chandelier adds just the right touch of natural beauty to an interior space.   Molded in the shape of a trunk and branches it emulates natural forms in a most remarkable way.


tree top chandelier
Shop the Treetop Chandelier

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