Lighting Over the 9.

Located in Louisville’s emerging Portland neighborhood sits Over the 9, a full-service restaurant, bar, and private event space, housed in the same complex as Old 502 Winery and Falls City Brewery.

Once upon a time it looked like this.  Cool space just needing the right touch to bring out its natural warm industrial beauty.

Before Industrial Pendants


New tables were designed and crafted locally to be illuminated with large industrial style  pendants with safety cage accessories for a perfect warm industrial vibe.

Large Industrial Warehouse Pendants

The right lighting keeps the raw industrial feel of the building, yet provides illumination on the bar for reading the menu.  Understated and functional these bar pendants do not draw attention from the exposed beams or throw glare bombs to patrons, enjoying  a sip of wine or two.

Understated bar pendants and track lighting
Architectural Lighting on steel beams

Also important is the correct back bar lighting.  The soft illuminated rough brick shows its texture with a glow as the perfect backdrop the tasty selection of spirits.

LED Tape Lighting

On to the tasting room.

Tasting Room 2
Before Lighting in tasting room

Just a few perfectly placed LED track lights and tasting room is inviting us in.  We love to show the texture of brick, look at the difference proper lighting designer can make.  It takes the right beam spread, attention to photometrics, color temperature and experience.

Tasting Room 3
Lighting walls with a designer


No matter what your budget, lighting should not be overlooked.  It makes a difference when creating a mood for your space.    If you have a project we have a solution within your budget.  Thanks for reading and remember …….

“You only notice lighting, if it is bad”

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