Transformation of a Thai Restaurant

Authentic Thai food with all the right spices and the right lighting!


When we approached our design,  we first thought of Thailand and the authenticity of the fresh food.  Envisioned the lush green landscape, smiles of kind people and the temples ohhh …….. the beautiful ancient temples.  Which was our inspiration for the airy shape found in our pendant selection.

image1 (1)

The main dining room shown below, did not impact the flavorful dishes available.  But sitting under the current track system was not the most desired place to dine.  In fact, many of the patrons requested other seating.  During our site visit, we either could not see the menu or were made uncomfortable by the glare of unattractive lights.


Back to dreaming of Thailand!  We lowered the ceiling (not really) by creating a floaty ceiling with 3 different sizes of organic shaped pendants.  Airy,  cozy and complimenting any Spicy Basil dish!  The layout also allowed the overall dining room to be rearranged for large parties when needed.


Did you notice the bar (in the before image) ?  Probably decided not to look.  No Worries we don’t anybody to forget to relax with an exotic cocktail.   All spirits will be kept bright from now on.


At last, if a nice glass of wine is your style, do those sparking wine glasses make your mouth water!  We hope you will stop by Simply Thai and enjoy the fine food and our lighting.


Lighting creates a feeling and mood.  Call Chelsey Clark, designer of the lighting mentioned here,  to create your own.

Our electrical partner on this project:  Peer Home Solutions.


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