Beams in the Attic

If you are from Louisville, you are probably familiar with re-development in Germantown.   It’s where the old warehouses are becoming luxury lofts and shot-gun houses sell within hours.

kms_gtown_attic_before - Copy

I love the way the beam of light in this photo gives life to the beginning stages of converting this Germantown attic into a master suite.

With the vision of KMS Construction and a little bit of work, the project executed flawlessly and like magic, a master suite is born.kms_gtown_attic2

The original beams remained, adding character, architectural detail and feeling of space.   Designer Tiffany Wirth, took notice and used the beams to illuminate the ceiling apex, lifting the ceiling even at night.

Did you even notice the sexy white on white outlet and switches?  Look again!kms_gtown_attic3 - Copy

Peeking into the new bath, Tiffany chose a black lacquer mirror with a bit of Moroccan flair between the two nostalgic sconces in historic nickel finish.

penny tile, black mirror, brushed nickel

Black and White Penny Tiles made all the difference in this charming bath.

kms_gtown_attic_bath2 - Copy


When you use a lighting designer you can be sure no details are overlooked.  In the image below, the switch plate and cover are no longer an eyesore, but are within the design.


Last but not least, it is in the details.  This simple light in the lavatory,  has the cutest bulbs!



On this Project:  KMS Construction
Lighting Design: Tiffany Wirth, Alcott & Bentley, 502 454-8938


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