The Winegods said “Let there be 2 Louvino’s” and so there are … with light.

exterior 4

Louvino’s second location brings vino and small plates to Douglas Hills with a twist!  Sip and swirl under the warm intoxicating shape of our hand forged Chandelier.

Hand Forged Chandelier

There is more to Louvino than sipping great wines, ordering creative flights and fabulous small plates.   The lighting for Louvino could not be ordinary,  you see nothing is ordinary at Louvino, not the wine, not the plates and not the lighting.

The modern, yet cozy atmosphere had to be as fascinating as the menu.  And to be sure we used a chandelier that  was inspired by the ruins of an old Nevada mine at sunset.  The mine had walls constructed of wine bottles and mud, which was the inspiration for the Orb Chandelier pictured below.  Also, constructed of bottle ends with recycled steel circles and is perfectly at home in Louvino.

estherboston-25 (1)
The Orb Chandelier



Take it all in.   Like I said…. out of the ordinary.  Of course you will notice the warm tone of the wood beams with our warm led lighting to highlight them as well as glare free lighting on the tables below.  But did you notice those comfy chairs?

dining room
Lighting design by Alcott & Bentley

Modern honeycomb wine cubby’s accented with long Nostalgic tube lamps sconces can be found in Louvino .IMG_3565

Don’t forget to check out the wine glass chandeliers behind those barn doors.  We used warm LED light tape to give those glasses the perfect sparkle.


Email or call for a custom quote

Just ask Adam!  He can not only recommend a perfect wine pairing for your palette, he will recommend the best lighting designer in town!  Adam loves the warm tone of his wine cubby’s behind the bar!


tape light

We hope you visit Louvino and call us if you have a project of your own.  We love lighting Louisville.

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